The 5 Most Essential Dog Commands

There are so many different dog commands that there is an ongoing debate as to what the “most essential” ones are.

These 5 need to be taught to your pup early on in their lives:


This doesn’t just mean a polite way of asking your pooch not to jump all over you when you come home, but it is also an incredibly useful command to know. If you want your dog to sit for a treat or even just listen to what you are saying, this will be the most effective way of making them do so.


This goes along with ‘sit’ as well, however, it is more about keeping your pooch sitting in one spot for more than a few seconds. Many puppies are impulsive, which means they love to get up and run around. If you tell your dog to ‘stay’ while you put their leash on or get out of the car, they can’t do this if they are already standing halfway across the lawn!


Dogs naturally love to run and explore, so coming back when you call them can be a challenge for some. However, with a little patience and repetition, your pup will eventually learn that coming to you when called is the best thing they can do.


This one can be particularly difficult as it requires your dog to walk by your side at all times. For breeds that like to pull on the leash or have a lot of energy, this can be a challenge – but it is well worth the effort!


Similar to ‘stay’, asking your dog to lay down can be very useful in a number of situations. If you need to leave them alone for a moment, for example, asking them to down will help keep them calm.

Even if you’re only going to be gone for a little bit, it can feel like a lifetime for your puppy, which can make them

Other Helpful Phrases

In addition to these commands, it is a good idea to teach your pup as many basic words as possible. A few simple ones that they will come to recognize include

  • “no”
  • “good”
  • “bye-bye”
  • “go-to-bed”
  • “dinner time”
  • their name

You are likely to find that your dog will understand what you are saying much better if you use the same words over and over again, so it is a good idea to make up a phrase for each of these occasions.

Need Help? Enlist the Help of a Professional

Teaching your pup these basic commands can help make life much easier for both of you. Not only will it help keep them safe and out of trouble, but a well-behaved dog is also more likely to be welcomed into public places – like restaurants and stores – with open arms.

These are all simple words and phrases that anyone can pick up on easily, but knowing how to use them properly is key to getting your dog to listen to you in any situation.

If you feel overwhelmed with the prospect of teaching your pet how to follow these commands, it’s best to contact a professional rather than put it off. For more information about training your pup, contact Rocky Mountain K-9.