VIP Memberships

Rocky Mountain k9 is the first to offer an all inclusive membership option for you and your pet.  Our goal is to simplify the process of boarding, grooming and training your dog.  

Choose the K9 Club, and become a VIP customer.  The K9 Club guarantees access to our facilities even with short notice, the days of planning ahead are over. Any time you call you will be admitted with no questions asked. Our Team will even bend over backwards to pick your pets up if needed. Does your dog need a consistent grooming appointment where you don’t have to worry about finding someone with availability? The K9 Club will put you at the top of our wait list, we will even find ways to squeeze you in early.

Not only do our packages guarantee your access we also offer amazing perks like unlimited care, discounts, free pick up and drop off, Upgraded kennel space, baths, walks and refresher training all included. (see package options for more details)

Each membership also offers a set number of credits associated with your package that get applied to your account which can be used for any of our services at any time.  

Please contact a staff member for more information. 


K9 Club


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