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Located in Summit County, we provide customized dog training for dog owners throughout the state of Utah. From potty training and housebreaking to obedience and behavioral training, we customize your dog’s training to fit your needs and budget — You won’t pay for all the stuff you don’t want or need.

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Our Story

The Rocky Mountain K9 team is a group of dog loving individuals that saw a lack of love and care in the dog industry.  We set out to create a company that truly benefited each and every dog that came through our doors. By offering top-notch care and world-class training techniques, Rocky Mountain K9 hopes to make the world a better place for dogs of every kind.  We pride ourselves on the love and care we offer each and every dog.

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Dog Training

Our skilled trainers work with dogs of any age, breed, and size. Learn how our dog training programs can help your pup become even friendlier and better behaved. 

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Dog Boarding

Rocky Mountain K9 can be your dog’s home away from home. With overnight boarding and refresher dog training sessions, your good dog can come home even better.

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Dog Day Care

Never worry again about leaving your dog for the day. We make sure your furry best friend is cared for with love and attention in our doggy day care.

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Our Reviews

David was super helpful with answering my questions, responding quickly, and coordinating our training. Wendy did the 10 day training for my baby and she was fantastic. Very sweet, friendly, and created a good relationship with my pup to keep her comfortable. She eased her into the training and has her so much better than before. We had severe separation anxiety issues and though it is only day one back home, I can tell a huge difference. I am very pleased and will return with any future training needed. thank you Rocky Mountain K9!!

– Saydee

I couldn’t believe the difference in my dog after 8 days in Rocky Mountain K9s board and train program. It’s really the difference of night and day. Obviously she isn’t perfect, but we are on the right path. I really appreciated the fact that I was given personal time and taught how to best handle her to keep up her skills. She is so responsive to what I was taught, and I can tell she was given a lot of time and attention. I look forward to working with Rocky Mountain K9 again in the future.

– Kelea

We had our 1 year old siberian husky sent over to Rocky Mountain K9 Services, and they had her for 8 days, and I was a little skeptical with how stubborn huskies can be, but when we got her back, she was so well behaved! Her trainer also took a good amount of time explaining how we should do things from there out to make sure she maintains a certain level of obedience, and really locks in those skills for her. 10/10, would recommend to anyone!

– Connor

I cannot even begin to express how wonderful our experience was. We had a super anxious, one year old husky who was terrified of every single human except my husband and me. After two weeks, working with a handful of trainers, our dog’s confidence and ability to be around others is a night and day difference. All the trainers we worked with were personable, professional and geared their training towards what our dog needed. We will continue to partner with this company for training techniques. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job with our dog.

– Kaitlen

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