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About the Rocky Mountain Team

Our team loves dogs as much as dogs love belly scratches. We’re highly experienced in training and caring for dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Learn how we make each pet’s stay with us a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Our Story

Rocky Mountain K9 was created by David and Samantha Kitchen. These two always had the dream of owning their own kennel, and working with dogs who needed their help to gain a second chance. They work day in and day out to continually improve everything that they offer to each dog that they have the pleasure to care for. Over the years they have grown Rocky Mountain K9 into a full service option for their clients. They love their customers and their dogs more than anyone can fathom, and wake up every day excited for what comes next

Due to hardships with the coronavirus David and Samantha lost their way of life with a sales company that they worked really hard to grow. Unfortunately their industy was shut down and never saw the light day again. At this point in their lives they dug deep and decided it was time to fulfill their dream. The two had just moved into a new home on 2 acres and decided to use a spare bedroom and fill it with kennels. This set up was basic and honestly extremely hard to deal with. Imagine having 10 dogs living in your guest room, it was hard work just keeping up with the daily cleaning.  As things progressed they have worked hard to open up their property more and more so the dogs receive the best care possible and the most comfortable accommodations possible.  David and Samantha could not have done this without the help of their dear friends in the dog training community, who have helped them develop a training program that knocks the socks off of any other training program in the state.  

They are excited for what the future holds and for all the amazing dogs that have yet to experience the love and care that these two offer.

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