Rocky Mountain k9 offers various types of grooming that is based off the type of dog, prices vary based off of size, hair type, condition, temperament etc. 

Full service dog grooming:
For dogs who require full hair cuts and extensive brushing to maintain more difficult coats. On some breeds hair cuts will not be performed but are considered a full service due to their coat type. (Doodles, shih-tzu, schnauzers, Great Pyrenees, some huskies, etc)
Bath, blow out, brushing, hair cut, nails, sanitary, ear clean out, and anal glands upon request. 
Bath and blow out:
For dogs that don’t require full hair cuts and don’t have extremely thick coats that require extensive brushing. (Shepherds, retrieves, labs, some huskies, short coated dogs)
Bath, blow out, brushing, nails, sanitary, light outline trimming, ear clean out, anal glands upon request.
Standard bath:
Have a dirty dog but don’t need a more intense grooming appointment. Get your dog bathed and smelling good with our standard bath. 
Bath, kennel drying, and nails. 
Prices vary from breed to breed. Starting at $35 and all the way up to $180. Please ask our staff for a more detailed quote. 
Additional fees may apply for extra attention items, like skunk, burrs, matting, behavioral issues, frequent dedication, and special requests. 


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