Financing solutions

Our skilled Park City dog trainers will turn your good dog into a GREAT dog with obedience training that builds excellent behavioral skills. Don’t let the costs stop you from starting today. Easy payment plans offered.

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Training Packages

Basic 1 week Board & Train

In one week we can establish 7 commands such as come, heal, sit, down, place, off and leave it. 


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Mid Tier 14-DAY Board & Train

If you’re ready for more advanced work, and want your dog to shine see what our 14 day training can do. We will firmly establish come, heal, sit, down, place, off and leave it. Your dog will be the talk of the town.

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ADVANCED 30-DAY Board & train

Our most comprehensive package, the 30-day training course takes care of all behavioral and obedience training. When we say turn key we mean it. Your dog will come back so good you won’t have to do much to keep it going.  This package establishes the 7 core commands to near perfection.

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Each training package includes:

  • A high-quality, easy-to-use E-collar to help your dog retain good behaviors with lifetime E-collar support
  • An optional payment plan
  • Additional advice and training—we encourage you to call if you see changes in your dog’s behavior so we can give advice or even additional training to get your dog back on track


Why Work with Rocky Mountain K9?

We’re a group of dog-loving individuals that saw a lack of love and care in the dog industry. We truly care for each animal that we work with, and we’ve combined quality care with world-class training techniques with proven results to create the best dog training experience possible for you and your cherished pet. Contact us for our expert dog training classes in Utah!