Dog Boarding in Park City

Rocky Mountain K9 gives your best friend a secure and loving place to stay with overnight dog boarding in the Park City area.

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NeEd a Pet Sitter You Can Trust?

When there are times or places you can’t take your dog with you—whether you’re going on vacation, moving houses, or traveling for work—you need somewhere to leave your pet where you can trust they’ll be treated with love, care, and respect.

At Rocky Mountain K9, we’re adamant about the quality of care we give each and every dog. We guarantee that your pet will be treated with caring attention, and not just cooped up in a kennel all day.

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Dog Boarding Services

Our overnight dog boarding in Park City provides for everything your dog needs while you’re away—which includes not only space, food, and water, but also attention, love, and even refresher training so they retain their hard-earned obedience skills.

Some of our dog boarding services include:

Recall 6-Day Dog Training in Park City

One-Time Dog Boarding

We’re always happy to meet new dog friends (and people friends) for a one-time stay. (Just make sure to schedule ahead of time!) Whether you’re traveling out of town or staying close to home, your dog is always welcome for overnight boarding at Rocky Mountain K9!


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Total 14-Day Dog Training in Park City

Monthly Dog Boarding

If you know your schedule requires you to travel frequently without your dog, we have pro, ultimate, and elite dog boarding memberships that guarantee your dog a space and give you discounts on boarding, training, and products!


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Optional Dog Boarding Addons:

Refresher training: Included in our boarding packages, refresher training helps your dog brush up on the obedience skills they’ve learned with one-on-one attention from our talented trainers.

Monthly grooming plans: We also offer monthly grooming and bath memberships so your dog is guaranteed a spot for a monthly grooming session with our friendly, experienced team.

Disclaimer: Our obedience training packages are not designed for dogs under 6 months old or those showing signs of aggression or severe anxiety.

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Why Choose Rocky Mountain K9?

We started Rocky Mountain K9 because we saw a lack of love and care in available dog services, so we decided to change that by offering dog boarding and training services that prioritize loving, affirmative interactions with your beloved pets. It’s always a guarantee that when you work with Rocky Mountain K9, your dog will be treated like the GREAT girl or boy they are!

We also work to make our boarding services affordable and worthwhile by offering plans and services that add value to your experience, like refresher training during your dog’s stay and membership plans that guarantee availability.

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We’re excited to meet you and your furry friend and help make both your lives easier with obedience training that sticks! Get in touch today to learn more about our dog training programs or to get your dog started working with our expert Park City trainers!

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